Transportation Assistance

  • Transportation assistance may be granted, in accordance with the Board of Education Policy (Regulation #5040.1), to those parents who fulfill the required qualifications and are prepared to provide their students with transportation in order that they may attend school.
  • Transportation Assistance Funding will only be considered for transportation support of students with Special Needs.
  • Excerpt: Reg. #5040.1 Transportation Assistance – Special Needs Students
Where Special Needs students are eligible for transportation as per the “criteria” (below), and due to special circumstances are not able to ride on a school bus, or a school bus pick up is not available, parents are eligible to apply annually for Transportation Assistance funding. The Director of Instruction – Special Education will review and determine eligibility.

  • Criteria
        o To be eligible for consideration of regular bus transportation to and from school, the student must:
        o Live more than 3.5 km from the nearest school (catchment area whether or not they attend that school),        o  3.2 km from the home to the bus pick up or drop off location
        o Attend their neighbourhood school (catchment area).

Last Modified: Sep 05, 2017